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by RedTrillix » 5 months ago

Hi Everyone.

Just a general update informing everyone.

Main Changelog:

  • Add ability to upload favicon

  • Auto detect user timezone when registering

  • Avatar rework and add Crafthead support

  • Captcha rework including Recaptcha v3 invisible support

  • Placeholder API integration

  • Validation revamp

  • All modules and templates updated to latest versions

  • Default template is renamed to Bootstrap4

  • Bootstrap4 / Nextyle / Bootstrap Material are no longer standard templates and are now listed in "Custom Templates"

  • Added the beginning of resources section to Templates, Modules will get one too later - Many bug fixes

Forms Module Changelog:

  • Add ability to send notify email

  • Add ability to submit as anonymous

  • Add ability to set minimum and maximum characters for fields

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