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Here's a fix for the KeepassXC browser extension not syncing.

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about 1 month ago

Good evening everyone,

A lot is going on with the world at the moment, and one of those are the issues between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. We do not support Putin and his ideals and to back this up we will be placing a geo-block on the Russian Federation and Belarus to help in suppressing his horrific actions.

If you would like to support Ukraine and its people, you can go here:

Thank you for your cooperation.

5 months ago

Over the few coming days I will be experimenting on focusing our website on a General Forum's website.

7 months ago

Hi Everyone.

Just a general update informing everyone.

Main Changelog:

  • Add ability to upload favicon

  • Auto detect user timezone when registering

  • Avatar rework and add Crafthead support

  • Captcha rework including Recaptcha v3 invisible support

  • Placeholder API integration

  • Validation revamp

  • All modules and templates updated to latest versions

  • Default template is renamed to Bootstrap4

  • Bootstrap4 / Nextyle / Bootstrap Material are no longer standard templates and are now listed in "Custom Templates"

  • Added the beginning of resources section to Templates, Modules will get one too later - Many bug fixes

Forms Module Changelog:

  • Add ability to send notify email

  • Add ability to submit as anonymous

  • Add ability to set minimum and maximum characters for fields

7 months ago

We've added some changes and quality of life improvements to the site; some of these are still in experimental mode so we may be changing and editing stuff as we go.

• We now have a Rules page (, with interactive and informational elements.

• We also have a Staff page, which will show you our dedicated Staff Members of our Website.

• We are also experimenting with this (an announcement system), so we will see how that goes. • The theme and layout may be changing a bit as we adjust and move things.

** If you have any questions or issues get in contact with a staff member or myself, and feel free to join our Discord server here. **

about 1 year ago

The widget is disabled for the specified Discord server. Please go to the 'Widget' tab in your Discord server settings, and ensure the Discord widget is enabled and that the ID is correct.