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Over the few coming days I will be experimenting on focusing our website on a General Forum's website.

21 days ago

Hi Everyone.

Just a general update informing everyone.

Main Changelog:

  • Add ability to upload favicon

  • Auto detect user timezone when registering

  • Avatar rework and add Crafthead support

  • Captcha rework including Recaptcha v3 invisible support

  • Placeholder API integration

  • Validation revamp

  • All modules and templates updated to latest versions

  • Default template is renamed to Bootstrap4

  • Bootstrap4 / Nextyle / Bootstrap Material are no longer standard templates and are now listed in "Custom Templates"

  • Added the beginning of resources section to Templates, Modules will get one too later - Many bug fixes

Forms Module Changelog:

  • Add ability to send notify email

  • Add ability to submit as anonymous

  • Add ability to set minimum and maximum characters for fields

24 days ago

The rules are moving location, they will be moved here (work in progress as of this moment).

6 months ago

We've added some changes and quality of life improvements to the site; some of these are still in experimental mode so we may be changing and editing stuff as we go.

• We now have a Rules page (, with interactive and informational elements.

• We also have a Staff page, which will show you our dedicated Staff Members of our Website.

• We are also experimenting with this (an announcement system), so we will see how that goes. • The theme and layout may be changing a bit as we adjust and move things.

** If you have any questions or issues get in contact with a staff member or myself, and feel free to join our Discord server here. **

6 months ago

Just a little announcement; but as you can see, we have changed our url from to We feel like this is more professional and will allow for better formatting on 3rd party apps/ programs.

If you would like to see the old url (for some reason). Go to: is a very trusted website, used by many websites, including Cloudflare & the Brave browser and they cover a mass of Archived websites, books, apps, music, movies, and more.

If you would like to know more about us, or our recent changes, contact me (RedTrillix) on Discord (RedTrillix#3196), Email or my profile..

9 months ago